St Thomas Aquinas Springwood Parish

1st Reconciliation & Communion

The preparation of children of our Parish for the sacraments of reconciliation and communion is organised by the Parish Sacramental Team. The team consists of Fr Paul, Heather & Chris.

Typically the 1st Reconciliation program commences in July with two parent meetings. The children are expected to attend Mass on the weekend that occurs inbetween the two parent meetings, and hand their enrolment form to the Priest. This is a sign of their commitment to the program. 1st Reconciliation takes place in August.

Upon completion of their 1st Reconciliation, children are then welcome to enrol in the 1st Communion program. Two parent meetings take place in October and children hand in their enrolment form at Mass on the weekend between the parent meetings.

1st Communion preparation occurs during November, with the children receiving communion for the first time on the Feast day of Christ the King each year. In 2012 this will be November 25th, in 2013 November 24th and in 2014 November 23rd.

During the program the Sacramental Team seeks practising Catholic parents to act as Facilitators for group meetings which occur over four weeks for both Reconciliation and Communion. 





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