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A letter from St Thomas Aquinas Springwood Parishioner Simone Smith, who is beginning a postulancy with the Sisters of the Immaculata.

Simone Smith
Simone Smith.

Dear parishioners of St Thomas Aquinas,

My name is Simone Smith. I have been studying a Masters of Theological Studies in Melbourne for the past two and a half years. I have been a member of this parish since I was a young child.

My association came first through sacramental preparation and through the catechesis I received as a part of scripture lessons at my state school.

However, I did not become a regular Mass attendee until my first year of university. After my first experience of Eucharistic adoration, where I had a personal encounter with Christ, I made the decision to attend Mass every Sunday. And so I came once again to St Thomas Aquinas. Later I became involved in the Springwood Antioch group. I also became a volunteer special religious education teacher at local schools in Winmalee and Springwood.

I first felt a call to religious life in 2007 after a 3-month “youth leaders formation course” that I attended. By having time to really listen to the Lord and grow in a personal relationship with Him, I became awakened to the fact that there is more to life than study and finding the right career. I realised that Christ is calling me to belong completely to Him, and to give my life in service of His Kingdom.

I will begin a postulancy with the Sisters of the Immaculata on 15 August, in order to take my discernment of God’s call to a deeper level. The purpose of the postulancy period is to be introduced into the life of a particular religious community in order to discover whether it is where the Lord is truly calling and if it is the right “fit.”

The Sisters of the Immaculata are an apostolic contemplative congregation of women religious dedicated to Christ through the Heart of Mary. The work of the Sisters is parish renewal through Eucharistic adoration, faith formation and catechesis. The Sisters seek to serve in parishes and to foster community life by supporting the parish priest and also by particularly supporting the spiritual growth of young people. You can find out more about the Sisters at

It is my great joy to be joining a community that believes that the parish community is at the heart of the Church. I will always be grateful to the community of St Thomas Aquinas, because it was in this community that I first experienced parish life. I wish to assure you all of my prayers. Please pray for me as I embark on this new journey of deeper discernment, and please also pray for the Sisters of the Immaculata and our mission.

Yours in Christ,

Simone Smith

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